If you would like to get your child baptised please see Father David after Mass in the first instance.

You will be asked to complete a short form and we will organise a Baptismal Preparation course for you. This is a short course which is usually delivered one evening per week for a few weeks. Parents are guided through the service, receiving an explanation of the practicalities and religious significance of the Sacrament.

First Holy Communion

If you would like more information about First Holy Communion please contact berkhamsted@rcdow.org.uk.

Classes are available for children who attend non-Catholic schools but are from catholic families and who wish to receive the sacraments. Minimum age is 7+ (year 3 in school)


The Confirmation programme is for young people (year 9 of school) who desire to take on a personal faith and find out more about living as a Christian in today's world.


If you would like more information about marriage within the Parish, please contact Father David .